1330 Multi Surface Disinfectant Spray (350 ml)

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Multi Surface Disinfectant Spray - 350 ml

Disinfectant Spray is an everyday home hygiene liquid spray. It has antibacterial properties that protect from illness-causing germs. It helps to kill cold and flu viruses,

- Easy to carry anywhere

- Eliminates odour causing bacteria.

Toilet Seat

Kills bacteria from the areas that you are more likely to touch : toilet seat, flush handle and bathroom taps.


Kills unseen germs and bacteria from your pillows and mattress.

Living Room

Kills germs and bacteria from your living room and leaves a refreshing fragrance.

Kitchen Sink

Safe to use around kitchen sink and kills harmful germs.

How to Use ?

Open the container

Gently shake the container

Spray it on the surface

Hold the container 10-15 cm away from a precleaned surface and spray directly

No need to wipe

Allow to dry.

Multi Surface Disinfectant Spray

Disinfects surface along with a pleasant fragrance.

Where to use: Use at Home or on the go

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- Commute

- Toys

- Car Handle

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