1333 Mobile Phone Video Screen Magnifier Amplifier for Eyes Protection

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Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier HD Video Amplifier

This is an eye-protecting mobile phone bracket that can enlarge the screen of the mobile phone.

This product is suitable for mobile phone models under 7 inches.

Design based on Ergonomics principle, Fine tuning the use distance and the bottom bracket can meet the needs of different users. Abandoning injection Molding technology

Watching Experience

The newly upgraded 3D mobile phone screen magnifier magnifies the mobile phone screen 3-4 times, which will reduce the discomfort and visual fatigue caused by long-term focus on the small screen, and can effectively reduce radiation.

Mobile Phone Universal

mobile phone screen magnifier uses high-definition zoom optical technology, ABS + 3D screen, 3D visual enjoyment. Effectively prevent radiation from mobile phones. Very suitable for any smartphone.

Operational Steps

Step 1: Hold the button and pull out the lens

Step 2: Pull the fully pulled lenses up

Step 3: Set up the mobile phone baffle

Step 4: Insufficient height to support the bottom bracket


Product Size: 220 x 180 x 9 (mm)

Materials: ABS + Acrylic lenses

Viewing Distance: The Optimum distance is 1-2 meters.

Product Function

- Amplifications

- Eye Protection

- Radiation Protection

- Mobile Phone Bracket

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