Multipurpose Double Sided Ivy Grip MAGIC TAPE

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Do You Want To Get Rid Of The Damage Attached Surface?


Get Creative And Change Your Life With Anti-Slip Gel Tape!

Magic Nano Gel Tape™- The Newest Nano Material Makes It The Best Adhesive Tape Solution On The Market.

Nano Tape is a waterproof adhesive tape with abrasion resistance and varied functionality. Also called Nano Magic Tape, this is hand tearable tape made nano silica gel and can be easily removed for most surfaces while leaving no marks. 

  • Portable - The Tape Is Easy To Carry And Use.  The Double Tape Is An Independent Tool. It Doesn’t Weigh Much And You Can Control How Much You Use Of It.

  •  Professional Finish The Transparency Of This Tape Makes The Sticking Perfect Like A Professional Finish, It Does Not Harm The Look.

  • Washable And Reusable When The Tape Gets Dirty You Can Easily Wash Under Water, If The Dirt Is Stickier Then You Can Scrub It Off And Let Your Tape Dry, Ultimately Gaining Back Its Stickiness.

Strong Viscocity - Through New Nano Technology And Adaptable Material, It Holds On Most Surfaces.It Can Hold Up To 1 KG (2.2 LBS) On A Smooth Surface So That You Can Arbitrarily Paste Anything. Sturdy And Durable But Easy To Remove. 

  • Multi-Functional  - Perfect for kitchen household, industrial use like car mount, poster, picture frame, pen holder, wall sticker, hook, small tools, sticky pads, phone case, patches, decorative patches, wall decor, solar lights, step lights, deck lights, adhesive tape is used in medical field also.

  • Cut To Your Desired Length - Easily cut to any size and any length you want

  • Suitable - Can be applied on any clean smooth surfaces like walls, hard floor, window, wardrobe plastics, glasses and more.

How to Use?
  • Step 1 :  Cut the tape according to your need.

  • Step 2 :  Remove the sticker and stick accessories in it.

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